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Leaders of Great Britain orchestrates a captivating array of high-profile events, uniting notable figures from politics, sports, business, and entertainment. These gatherings are not just events, but transformative experiences, offering deep leadership insights and a fresh, inspiring perspective to our guests. Our attendees are enriched and invigorated by the remarkable journeys and wisdom of esteemed public figures like Jonny Wilkinson, Lord Blunkett, and Sir Andrew Strauss, making each event an unforgettable encounter.

Our commitment is to extract incredible stories from these eminent personalities, channelling their unique journey for the enrichment and empowerment of our attendees. Great leaders hold unique experiences that serve as a source of inspirational guidance, providing valuable lessons and profound insights. These narratives and experiences, when shared, can significantly influence and enhance the journey of anyone who engages with them, providing practical applications for their own path to leadership.

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Meet the Team

Claire Jones

Director of Events

Claire is the driving force behind Leaders of Great Britain's event coordination. She is renowned for orchestrating high-profile gatherings with Prime Ministers, leading sporting champions and esteemed business leaders. A number of these events have featured in national publications such as Vogue and Style Me Pretty.

Ben Barber

Chief Technology Officer

Ben Barber's career journey has been marked by several significant roles, His work as CTO for the Leaders of Great Britain consistently involves managing software projects, software design, software development, and technical direction of the company.

Devina Lavji

Operations Director

Devina's skills in organisation and management play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of our events and communications. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of operational complexities, Devina ensures that our online platform and high-profile events run seamlessly.

Daniel Edwards

Co-Director of Events

Daniel excels in organising high-profile events. He has adeptly managed engagements with eminent personalities such as Sir Andrew Strauss, Lord Blunkett, and Jonny Wilkinson. Skilled in ensuring members' voices are heard in national debates across sectors, Daniel also brings extensive experience as a senior adviser to directors and CEOs in various industries, assisting in the formulation and implementation of both short-term and long-term strategies.

Bill Kisner

Membership Director

Bill is the primary point of contact for our members. He helps them to commission news articles, record podcasts and promote the work of their organisation. He has extensive experience working with CEOs, managing directors and policy makers.

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