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By becoming a member of Leaders of Great Britain, you will have access to the world’s greatest minds for your personal and professional development. Please see below for a summary of the key membership features.

Attend leadership breakfast mornings to meet fellow members in a relaxed atmosphere.
Access to high-profile events featuring a renowned public figure, for yourself and a guest, exploring insightful leadership themes.
Online leadership discussions and Q&As with our roster of speakers. Open to your entire team.
Dedicated online features on individual or organisational achievements produced by our journalists.
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Member Benefits

Breakfast Mornings

Meet a diverse community of likeminded professionals and senior leaders from a cross-section of British industry.

High-Profile Events

Learn from iconic leaders at our Q&A receptions, gaining valuable insights from individuals who have achieved remarkable success.

Online Masterclasses

Join virtual workshops and presentations led by renowned leaders, curated for the benefit of you and your team.


Have your leadership journey showcased and tell the story of your career to date in a professionally written profile.

Learn from iconic leaders

High-Profile Events

Leaders of Great Britain is dedicated to celebrating and acknowledging exemplary leadership. Our reputation is built upon successfully organising impactful events, featuring speakers of international acclaim such as Sir Andrew Strauss, Jonny Wilkinson, and Lord Blunkett. Each speaker, an icon in their own right, shares an authentic and transformative story, ensuring that every attendee departs with a new perspective.

Learn from leaders

Virtual Leadership Talks

Hear from an array of speakers in our series of online discussions exploring a range of leadership topics. These sessions are open to your staff and colleagues, providing opportunities for team members to gain valuable advice and guidance from accomplished leaders. Each speaker offers unique insights and perspectives aimed at nurturing a culture of learning and development within your organisation.

Connect with Like-minded Individuals

Breakfast Mornings

Our breakfast gatherings provide a supportive environment for mutual encouragement, collaborative initiatives, and the potential formation of strategic business partnerships, all beginning the day at a magical venue that sets the perfect tone for inspiration and productive conversations.

We ensure carefully chosen, high-profile locations which not only enhance the experience but also add an element of prestige to every meeting, making them not just meetings but memorable events. Here, amidst the inspiring settings, members can engage in meaningful dialogue, expand their professional networks, and explore new avenues for growth.

Brand Optimisation

Online Profile

Work with our editorial team to create your SEO optimised leadership profile and shape the news coverage of your organisation. Our website and online platform are devoted to spotlighting our members achievements and showcasing their impactful work.

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