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The Jonny Wilkinson Series

March 13th 2024 at The Lord Mayor of London's Residence

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Jonny Wilkinson Presents Mindset

Join us on Wednesday March 13th for an exclusive evening with Jonny Wilkinson, one of Britain’s most revered sporting icons, as he shares his insights on cultivating a mindset which fosters growth, fulfilment and success. This is an invaluable opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge from one of sports' most inspiring figures, which can be applied to your own personal and professional journey.

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Meet and Greet

Upon entry attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to meet and greet Jonny Wilkinson.

Signed Guide

All guests will receive a signed guide on mindset as a learning resource for their personal and professional development.


Jonny will share his philosophy on mindset, concluding with a Q&A session involving the audience.


Cap off the evening with a drinks reception with Britain's leaders and fellow attendees.

What is Leaders of Great Britain?

Leaders of Great Britain is dedicated to recognising and gaining valuable insights from individuals who have achieved remarkable success. We create events that grant access to some of the nation's most respected figures in sports, business, politics and beyond, whilst also giving our guests an opportunity to connect and exchange ideas.

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Upcoming Event

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Leaders of Great Britain is delighted to announce a special event featuring Jonny Wilkinson on March 13th, 2024. This unique gathering will provide an unparalleled opportunity for leadership insights and personal growth. Attendees will have the chance to engage with Jonny and learn from his experiences and expertise.

To join this inspiring session, please see our pricing details or arrange a phone call through our application form. Don't miss this extraordinary chance to connect and grow with fellow guests and a national icon.

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