Meaningful Experiences

By attending a Leaders of Great Britain event, you will have access to the world’s greatest minds for your personal and professional development. Please see below for a summary of the key features.

Access to a high-profile leadership event featuring a world-renowned public figure.
An opportunity to meet and greet our keynote speaker and have a professional photo taken.
A signed leadership guide as a learning resource to take home.
Network and meet fellow attendees who share an interest in the keynote and their message.
An option to create a featured leadership biography for your personal or professional profile.
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Upcoming Event Programme

Meet and Greet

Upon entry attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to meet and greet Jonny Wilkinson.

Signed Guide

All guests will receive a signed guide on mindset as a learning resource for their personal and professional development.


Jonny will share his philosophy on mindset, concluding with a Q&A session involving the audience.


Cap off the evening with a drinks reception with Britain's leaders and fellow attendees.

Learn from iconic leaders

High-Profile Events

Leaders of Great Britain is dedicated to celebrating and acknowledging exemplary leadership. Our reputation is built upon successfully organising impactful events, featuring speakers of international acclaim such as Sir Andrew Strauss, Jonny Wilkinson, and Lord Blunkett. Each speaker, an icon in their own right, shares an authentic and transformative story, ensuring that every attendee departs with a new perspective.

Unique Opportunity

Meet and Greet

Experience the opportunity to gain valuable insights and establish personal connections, while introducing your guests to our esteemed keynote speaker. All attendees will have the chance to capture this memorable occasion with a professional photograph alongside the keynote.

Connect with Like-minded Individuals


Engage with attendees who are equally passionate about the keynote's message, creating a community of individuals with aligned interests. This environment serves as a foundation for mutual support, collaborative endeavours, and the potential for forming business partnerships. These gatherings are an ideal setting to discuss shared challenges and explore innovative solutions together.

Additional Resource

Signed Guide

Receive a personally signed guide, tailored to enhance your learning experience and deepen your understanding of the keynote's message. This exclusive resource serves as a valuable companion, offering insights and reflections to enrich your event journey.

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Join us for an event that transcends traditional boundaries, offering a transformative experience that will broaden your perspectives.

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