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Andrew Neil | Authoritative Leadership

May 21st 2024

Online Leader Story

Andrew Neil is a distinguished British journalist and broadcaster renowned for his incisive and probing interviewing style, which has made him one of the UK's most respected figures in journalism. Born in Paisley, Scotland, Neil's career spans several decades during which he has held prominent positions, including editor of The Sunday Times and presenter for BBC's political programs like "This Week" and "Daily Politics."

Neil's reputation as a formidable interviewer is built on his ability to challenge and scrutinise, earning him acclaim for his role in holding public figures accountable. His extensive knowledge and authoritative approach make him a respected voice in discussions about political and economic issues.

We are pleased to say Andrew is presenting his Leader Story on Authoritative Leadership, where he explores the nuances and impacts of leadership styles that command respect. Drawing on his vast experience and personal encounters with global leaders, Neil offers unique insights into what makes an authoritative leader in today's complex world. Through this series, viewers gain an understanding of how decisive leadership shapes outcomes and influences the dynamics within various spheres, from politics to business.

Time: 11:00 - 11:40

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