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How to Engage (or re-engage) your employees

May 9th 2023


The UK has one of the lowest levels of employee engagement in the world.

Why does this matter?

Engaged employees are on average 21% more productive than disengaged team members, are more loyal to the company and are a great advert for your brand. They are less likely to leave and take other members of staff with them, and will have less time off work with stress or ill health.

Expert leadership advisor, Kate Davis. will talk us through:

- Why employees disengage (and how to avoid it),

- What employee engagement is, and isn't,

- How to build productive teams and

- Easy and practical tips to increase team togetherness in your business


The interactive workshop will be led by Kate Davis, Leadership Consultant and NED at Kate Davis & Associates. Kate is an ICF and GiANT Accredited Leadership Coach, Consultant and specialist in communications and behavioural change.


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