Andrew Thirkill

Andrew Thirkill

Chairman & Founder


Age Partnership
Andrew Thirkill has cultivated a diverse and successful business career, prominently known as the Founder and Chairman of Age Partnership, the UK's leading supplier of equity release products for over-55s. His business acumen extends across various sectors, from advertising to telecoms, reflecting a versatile and dynamic approach to entrepreneurship.

Career Overview

Andrew Thirkill's journey stretches over four decades, showcases an ability to navigate diverse industries and to overcome any challenge, ultimately leading to substantial success.

Thirkill's business saga began in 1981 with the establishment of ATP Advertising & Marketing. Starting from his sister's back bedroom and funded by credit cards, his agency quickly grew, gaining prestigious clients like Cluttons, Strutt & Parker, DFS, and DC Cook. Despite initial struggles, by 1984, the agency was profitable, illustrating Thirkill's tenacity and business savvy.

In 1988, Thirkill sold ATP to Moss Trust for £2.7 million, but faced a setback when Moss Trust encountered financial difficulties, rendering his stock worthless. Unfazed, Thirkill reclaimed ATP, steering it towards renewed success with billings exceeding £5 million. This period underscores his resilience and ability to rebound from adversity.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to diverse ventures, including premium phone services, a TV listings guide, and Ultralase, a laser eye surgery specialist. Each of these ventures showcased Thirkill's versatility and keen market sense, contributing to his growing reputation as a dynamic businessman.

The founding of Age Partnership in 2004 marked a significant milestone. Inspired by his mother's challenges with equity release, Thirkill entered the retirement finance sector, transforming it with innovative solutions. Under his leadership, Age Partnership became the UK's largest equity release business, admired for its customer-centric approach and regulatory compliance. Recognising a market opportunity, Thirkill further expanded his influence by establishing Pure Retirement, capturing a significant share of Age Partnership's business and setting new industry standards.

Thirkill's career is not just about business success; it's also about his ability to adapt, innovate, and lead across diverse sectors. His journey from a modest background in Leeds to becoming a leading figure in multiple industries reflects his relentless pursuit of growth and excellence. This narrative is further enriched by his commitment to philanthropy, particularly in supporting sports and community development initiatives in Yorkshire and beyond.

Early Life and Education

Born in the working-class area of Meanwood in Leeds, Andrew Thirkill's journey wasn't marked by academic accolades. His early career saw him as an apprentice bricklayer, a filing clerk at Kay's catalogue, and then a sales rep for the Yorkshire Post. His modest beginnings laid the foundation for his remarkable business instincts.

Age Partnership

Thirkill's venture into Age Partnership in 2004 was inspired by personal experience, addressing the complexities his mother faced with equity release. This venture not only revolutionised the industry with better processes and lower interest rates but also established Age Partnership as the country's largest equity release business. Under Thirkill's leadership, the firm has set industry standards and expanded its offerings, including the introduction of Pure Retirement to diversify the business.

Future Aspirations

Thirkill's vision extends beyond business success. He seeks to balance professional achievements with family time and personal fulfillment. His dedication to introducing new products and services in the equity release market, alongside his focus on premier client services, indicates his ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Leadership Vision

Andrew Thirkill's leadership is characterised by a passion for ventures that he finds enjoyable and growth-oriented, always emphasizing the importance of marketing and people in business. His approach is grounded in perseverance, learning, and collaboration. As a leader, he values every aspect of his diverse business portfolio equally, seeing each venture as a unique and integral part of his journey.

Philanthropic Ventures

True to his roots, Thirkill is actively involved in philanthropic efforts in Yorkshire. His presidency of the Leeds Rhinos rugby league team and support for the Leeds Rhinos Foundation highlights his commitment to giving back to the community, particularly focusing on disadvantaged groups. His engagement with Jamaica’s rugby league team further showcases his dedication to sports and community development.

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