Chris Germaine

Chris Germaine



Optimal Solicitors

Chris Germaine is a director at Optimal Solicitors, a modern and progressive law firm based in Manchester. The firm represents a wide range of clients, including private individuals and businesses, both nationally and internationally. At Optimal Solicitors, the emphasis is placed on providing excellent customer service and sound legal advice, ensuring that clients receive the support they need.

Career Overview

Chris Germaine has played a key role in the success of Optimal Solicitors since its founding in 2008. As a director, his responsibilities encompass various aspects of the firm's operations and strategic decision-making. Optimal Solicitors specialises in a diverse range of legal services, including family law, immigration, wills and probate, commercial law, employment law, conveyancing, civil litigation, clinical negligence, catastrophic injury, property law, personal injury, and children's law.

Throughout his career, Chris has contributed to the growth and development of Optimal Solicitors, ensuring that the firm maintains its reputation for providing high-quality legal services. 

Chris Germaine's commitment to the values of Optimal Solicitors, including excellent customer service and sound legal advice, has helped establish the firm as a trusted legal service provider. 

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