Gary Homewood

Gary Homewood

Owner & Managing Director


Glewstone Court Hotel

Gary Homewood is a prominent figure renowned for his extensive contributions to the hospitality industry. Presently at the helm of Glewstone Court Hotel, a distinguished Georgian Country House Hotel and a sought-after venue for weddings and events. Glewstone Court Country House, with its prestigious 2 AA Rosettes, stands as a testament to his dedication to culinary excellence. Homewood's prowess has garnered significant recognition, with the establishment earning the esteemed title of best Wedding Venue in Herefordshire in the 2019 Matrimony Awards.

Career Overview

Gary Homewood's career has spanned over 30 years, reflecting his impact across various sectors.

Homewood's trajectory began within the Food & Drink Industry, where he garnered extensive experience working with both Corporate and Private Companies. His notable achievements span beyond national borders, with a significant focus on European and South American markets. This international exposure has enriched his expertise and lent a global perspective to his endeavours.

In addition to his accomplishments in the Food & Drink Industry, Homewood's career path took an influential turn towards Consultancy. His role encompassed pivotal aspects such as Project Management, Change Management, and Business Strategy & Development. Notably, his five-year tenure within the Financial Services domain further exemplifies his multifaceted skill set and adaptability.

Homewood's professional forte extends to business operations across diverse realms. He is renowned for his involvement in business acquisitions, startups, mergers, turnaround and rationalisation efforts, and profit enhancement. His strategic acumen has consistently been evident in his contributions to change management and business development, aligning organisations for success.

Furthermore, Homewood's comprehensive expertise spans the realm of global sourcing, effectively navigating the intricate landscape of supply chains and procurement on an international scale.

As the custodian of Glewstone Court Hotel, Gary Homewood continues to exemplify his profound commitment to excellence, bridging his expansive skill set and experience to create a remarkable hospitality haven that resonates with patrons and peers alike.

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