George Crowder

George Crowder

Managing Director


Crowder Consulting

Notable Achievements

  • Created the leading water network management system used by water companies and operators.
  • Built a high technology company by organic growth of resources from graduate entry level
  • Built long term partnerships with water companies and operators in the UK and overseas
  • Advised major operators and agencies on water network structure and systems, NRW and leakage strategies

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In Conversation
George CrowderIn Conversation

George Crowder is the managing director of Crowder Consulting, a firm based in Birkenhead which specialises in water network consultancy, data analysis and field services.

George Crowder is the managing director of Crowder Consulting, a firm based in Birkenhead which specialises in water network consultancy, software development, data analysis and field services.

Career Overview

Crowder Consulting was established in 1985 and under George’s leadership has since built a reputation for the highest standards and quality of services and software solutions. The firm’s flagship Netbase system has taken the company beyond the UK to countries such as Bahrain, the Philippines, China and Brazil, as well as helping the industry work toward leakage reduction targets as set by industry watchdog Ofwat in 2020.

Today, George continues to spearhead his business' delivery of "smart" water networks worldwide. 

In June 2020, George appeared on a Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland podcast, discussing the importance of leadership and the impact it has had on his career to date.

Career Details

George Crowder is a chartered civil engineer and chartered water and environmental management engineer. He began his career as a new works engineer with what is now United Utilities. He worked on the design and construction of pipelines, water storage and supply works for the Dee Supply system. He was engaged on the improvements to major waste water treatment works and the outline design of the Liverpool treatment works. 

George later became a partner with a firm of consulting engineers and was engaged on the infrastructure design of a new town in the Middle East and a major leisure complex in the UK. He then went on to set up his own consultancy and has built it into the present day company, providing professional services and software to UK and international water companies and operators.

In leading the company forward from its inception, George has always been a hands on expert practitioner. Together with his young professional staff, he developed and promoted innovative engineering and software solutions in the fields of water supply and distribution networks, non-revenue water programmes, leakage reduction programmes, demand analysis, drainage, waste water networks, hydraulic and asset modelling. This enabled the company to successfully compete with much larger organisations and win the confidence of long standing client water operators in the UK and globally.

George led the company through many years of significant economic and technological change to be in a position to respond to the changing water industry market. He created the concept of the Netbase water network management system that brings together large volumes of water operators data from their primary systems and applies advanced analytics and software tools for the monitoring, reporting, operation and planning of water networks. He led the development of Netbase to become a cloud based system with advanced digital services solutions for client water operators. The Netbase system contains the domain knowledge and expertise of the consultants, data team, development teams and field services teams that George has built up of many years with his co-directors and senior managers.   

Listen to George Crowder's Leaders of Great Britain podcast.

In the News

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