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Janis Levy MTTS is the Creative Director at Hair Development UK, the longest-established human-hair replacement and extension experts in the UK.

Hair Development are based in the heart of East London, are the company is currently expanding into their second location in the Essex city of Chelmsford.

Janis Levy MTTS is the Creative Director at Hair Development UK, the longest-established human-hair replacement, hair loss solutions and extension experts in the UK. HD are honoured to have become members of the prestigious Leaders Council and alongside HD HQ in the glorious heart of East London, are excited to introduce their second HD location in the Essex city of Chelmsford. Janis is also studying for a Masters in Creative Writing at Queen Mary University of London.

Career Overview

Hair Development UK was founded by CEO Stanley Levy MTTS. Stanley, of blessed memory, was an incredible force in the world of hair replacement and pretty much single-handedly dragged the industry kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Hugely respected and responsible for many pioneering and revolutionary techniques since 1960, the beloved Stanley passed in 2018. Janis first became involved with the business in 2002. This followed over twenty years of working in show business as a model and actor. It was the iconic TV commercial for Cadbury's Flake, the longest running Flake TV commercial of all time, that led to Janis being placed under contract to NBC, in one of the last studio contracts in Hollywood, living and working in Los Angeles in TV, film and stage for fourteen years. This gave Janis insight into both sides of the camera with some of the work that Hair Development carries out with celebrities and showbiz stars. This has previously included work on designing and supplying the hair for feature films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings, the original Spitting Image, including Stanley's hair design for Her Majesty the Queen, Miss Piggy and Margaret Thatcher, Strictly Come Dancing and 42nd Street.

Janis and HD's Managing Director Mark Burns MTTS, who are cousins, have taken the helm and seen the business grow to new heights, having both trained for many, many years under the guidance and supreme expertise of Stanley z'l.

Janis is a member of The Trichological Society and passionate about the hair industry, continually striving to create and establish new methods, allied goods and training in hair replacement and enhancement. The expertise of Hair Replacement has a direct impact on mental health, caring for people that have undergone chemotherapy, alopecia or genetic hair loss, celebrities wanting fabulous hair, people who are transitioning, supplying salons across the UK and worldwide with hair extensions and undetectable systems and for every person who wants beautiful hair. HD supply wholesale and retail, including the astonishing Laser Hair Re-Growth Therapy, with an 80% success rate and Miraculous Hair Replacement Systems, along with  training academies at HD Head office, London and HD Chelmsford, enabling people to become trained, educated and certified in the art of Hair Replacement and extensions.

Making people look and feel better and helping to restore their confidence, Hair Development will show you the way ahead.

Listen to Janis Levy's Leaders Great Britain podcast.

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