Marcelo Bustamante

Marcelo Bustamante

Managing Director



Notable Achievements

  • Growing and evolving four companies.
  • My family - happily married to my wife with two children
  • Personal fitness achievements; running many marathons and Ultra-Marathons. Muay Thai champion
  • My personal development in mind, body, soul

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In Conversation
Marcelo BustamanteIn Conversation

Marcelo is the Managing Director of Fuse Innovation, a business that helps clients enhance how they engage with their target audiences through the use of creative marketing products.

Marcelo's passion in life and business revolves around helping people and ensuring they get the best out of working with him, and out of themselves.

He is a forward thinking business owner with an innovative mind and entrepreneurial spirit who works enthusiastically each day on his businesses, trying to get the best out of himself, his companies, teammates, customers and supply partners.

Marcelo's business style has been based on his working values; integrity, dependability, honesty and hard work.  It is important to Marcelo that he protect his reputation every day as a reliable person to do business with.

His goal in life and work is to "impress everyone he works with"

In January 2020, Marcelo appeared in a Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland podcast, discussing the importance of leadership in running a business and what key qualities are needed in order to achieve success.

Career Overview

Marcelo has over 20 years of experience in product development and mass production and is an expert at designing and producing creative products that allow businesses to deliver their marketing messages and digital content in a way that are memorable and impactful.

Marcelo is the Managing Director of Fuse Innovation, a business that helps clients enhance how they engage with their important target audiences through the use of creative marketing products. He is also co-owner of Handi Technologies, who have developed and launched a revolutionary personal safeguarding wearable tech product called 'Handi SOS'. Also Live Beacon, a startup that has developed and innovative Beacon product that transmits web content to nearby smart devices.

Fuse Innovation was founded in 2005 and has evolved in an ever changing marketplace and Marcelo has worked with famous brands, large corporates and small companies that have needed help with their marketing campaigns and communicating with their important target audiences.

FUSE INNOVATION: Helping companies get their important message seen, heard, read and held, via our creative tech-in-print marketing products |

Fusing Digital Media Tech into print & packaging // video screens / LED / speakers / NFC / WiFi / beacons / USB webkeys 

Handi SOS: Helping to safeguard you and your loved ones with this personal safety button |

Live Beacon: Helping make the complicated world of beacons easy |

PRESTIGE WATCHES: Helping to spread 'Watch Happiness' |


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