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The XP Club

Riky Bains serves as a Strategist at Brash in Dubai, where he excels in developing effective brand strategies. Riky is also the Co-Founder of The XP Club, a charity-led travel organisation that offers extraordinary bucket list trips while raising funds for local causes.

Career Overview

Riky Bains's career spans various domains. Prior to his tenure at Brash, he served as a Strategist at Klinical where he contributed to the agency's success in amplifying the voice and presence of various brands. With a focus on brand strategy, messaging, tone of voice, and copywriting, Riky played a crucial role in creating purposeful and impactful branding experiences for a diverse range of clients. 

In addition, Riky is the Founder of The XP Club, which was established in February 2018. This charity-led travel organisation offers extraordinary trips to individuals from around the world while raising funds for local causes. The XP Club aims to provide exceptional experiences and make a positive impact in the communities it engages with.

Riky’s passion for writing led him to establish Riky the Writer, operating as a freelance copywriter since April 2015. With a dedicated focus on his craft, he has built a strong reputation as a skilled and passionate writer.

Riky Bains's educational background includes a BsC in Management with International Business from Royal Holloway, University of London, which he completed between 2011 and 2014. Prior to that, he pursued his International Baccalaureate at Dartford Grammar School, focusing on business, English, Spanish, politics, maths, and environmental studies.

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