Sarah Rudd

Sarah Rudd

Executive Headteacher


Newall Green Primary School
Sarah Rudd is the Executive Headteacher of Newall Green Primary School, a thriving community school located in the Wythenshawe district of Manchester. Newall Green Primary School caters to children aged 3 through to 11 years, offering approximately 700 places. 

With its extensive tree-lined grounds and attractive parkland site, the school provides a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for its diverse student population. Sarah Rudd's leadership is integral in maintaining the school's commitment to treating each child as an individual, fostering a caring and respectful atmosphere that values the diverse cultural and religious beliefs of its students.

Career Overview

As the Executive Headteacher of Newall Green Primary School, Sarah Rudd oversees the educational and operational aspects of one of Manchester's largest primary schools. Under her guidance, the school upholds its friendly and welcoming "family feel," despite its size. The school is deeply dedicated to raising standards for all its pupils and ensuring that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Sarah Rudd and her team of dedicated staff promote a caring and supportive learning community where every student is encouraged, valued, and allowed to flourish. The school provides guidance and support to pupils and their families, ensuring strong pastoral care from all staff members. Every member of the school community is acknowledged for their valuable contribution to the success of the school.

At Newall Green Primary School, Sarah Rudd champions an inclusive approach to education, and the school proudly participates in the Lancasterian School Barrier-Free initiative. This partnership allows the school to provide places to pupils with disabilities, emphasizing the school's commitment to valuing and respecting children in their own right.

Sarah Rudd's leadership philosophy centers on nurturing a caring, happy, and friendly atmosphere that fosters all aspects of children's growth and development. The school curriculum and teaching prioritize a broad and interesting range of topics, enabling children to produce their best work and acquire essential skills for future learning. Through collaborative efforts between staff, children, and parents, the school aims high to help students reach their goals, reflecting the school's motto of "Aiming high to reach our goals."

Parents and carers considering Newall Green Primary School for their children are warmly invited to visit the school by appointment. Sarah Rudd and her dedicated team are committed to providing the best educational experience for each child, nurturing them to their fullest potential in a supportive and respectful learning environment.

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