Simon Franc

Simon Franc

CEO Anatomap

Hampshire, UK

Forensic Equity

Notable Achievements

  • Age 12, Franc became the youngest Non-Commissioned Officer in the Air Training Cadet Corps
  • Obtained the Royal Marksman Award and flew both gliders and powered aircraft.

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In Conversation
Simon FrancIn Conversation

Simon Franc is the founder and CEO of Forensic Equity Limited, Quatervois Group and Anatomap Limited.

Anatomap is a technology start-up focused on the development of technology for law enforcement.

Their first App, “Injury Capture”, is designed to allow users to quickly and accurately record the injuries suffered by a victim of crime. In using the application, users are helping to provide valuable and robust evidence which the police can then use to swiftly investigate the crime and prosecute those responsible.

Simon Franc is a career entrepreneur with a background in Foreign Exchange and Investment banking. Franc currently holds senior management positions at Forensic Equity and kulpa.

Career Overview

Simon Franc is the founder and CEO of Forensic Equity, and kulpa.

Forensic Equity is an independent forensic science service provider which ensures that forensic evidence presented in criminal cases is both fair and accurate.

kulpa is a technology start-up focused on social justice. In todays world evidence is everything, which is why the kulpa app enables anyone to store legally admissible evidence. Storing evidence on the kulpa cloud gives users options. To do nothing, to send the evidence to a civil lawyer so that they can help with a civil action or to send the evidence to the police so that they can hopefully charge and prosecute.

The early days

Born in Reading, United Kingdom in 1990 Franc was educated at Leighton Park School, a Co-ed boarding school, and then subsequently at Farnborough sixth-form college.

Whist still in full-time education Franc worked part-time in several sectors including real estate for Romans Group Plc and technology sales.

The move into finance

Before moving on to university during 2008/9 Franc held the position of Senior Currency Broker at “Foreign Currency Direct Plc”. In which Franc was responsible for identifying foreign exchange exposures and executing strategic hedging and mitigation strategies; dealing all major currencies on behalf of both private and corporate clients and the institution itself.

In 2009 Franc, moved to Southampton University to continue his education. During his attendance Franc was also Awarded a scholarship from the University of Southampton Faculty of Business and Law for outstanding academic performance. Franc graduated in 2012 with a first class honours in Management Sciences. Not only did Franc achieve a first he was awarded the School of Management award as the highest achieving student across the entire School of management and Economics.

In 2010, during his time at Southampton university Franc founded Forensic Equity Limited, an independent forensic science service provider which ensures that forensic evidence presented in criminal cases is both fair and accurate.

In 2012 Franc stepped back from day to day management of Forensic Equity and joined the investment bank of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). Whist there, Franc held various roles as an Analyst within Debt Capital Markets including Liability Management and Loan Capital Markets.

Within these roles, Franc was responsible for helping originating transactions (Corporate and FI). Analysing funding structures to identify opportunities including NPV gains, lower cost of capital, reduction in the cost of carry or to address financing/liquidity requirements. Executing transactions including public tenders, open market repurchases, new issues and consent solicitations (liability management) and structuring, pricing, syndicating and negotiating loan documentation (loan capital markets).

The entrepreneurial take-off

In 2014 Franc resigned his position at RBS in favour of moving back to Forensic Equity Limited to retake his role as CEO and move the organisation forwards. Forensic Equity has now been operating for over 10 years and has established itself as one of the UK’s leading providers of forensic science services with bases in London, Manchester, Cambridge and Berkshire. Forensic Equity has departments that cover all forensic disciplines and employees over 70 members of staff. By investing in is employees and in maintaining the highest quality standards, the business grew by 54% in the years 2018/2019 and has a 95% client retention rate. 

In 2018 Franc founded an angel investment fund, Quartervois Group. The funds focuses on investing not just in ideas but in people and provide funding and guidance to grow new businesses.

In 2020 Franc founded his latest start-up, kulpa. A technology start-up focused on social justice. For more information please visit

The next phase

Franc became a member of the Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland in 2020 and has already appeared on a Leaders podcast, discussing the importance of leadership and the impact it has had on his career and business to date.

We await and look forward to his next update.

Listen to Simon Franc's Leaders of Great Britain podcast.

In the News

Anatomap founder Franc optimistic about potential of Injury Capture app

News | Published January 19th 2022, 2:27 pm

Speaking on The Leaders Council Podcast, Anatomap founder Simon Franc reflected on the 2021 launch of the new Injury Capture app, which he hopes will help empower victims of abuse, sexual assault and violent crime all over the world by aiding the ability of victims and their associates to record and report it.Read more →

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