PM Barzani is fulfilling his promises to Kurdistan, says Al-Atroshi

Published by Richard Yarrick-Holmes on July 11th 2023, 10:10am

The Kurdistan Regional Government has commemorated the anniversary of its ninth cabinet, highlighting what they consider to be ‘an array of accomplishments that reflect the unwavering commitment of Prime Minister Masrour Barzani’.

Laween Al-Atroshi (pictured), a British-Born Kurd who is CEO of Atrumed Healthcare, praised Barzani's dedication during his visit to the United Kingdom in April 2022, emphasising the positive impact on UK trade.

During their meeting at Chatham House, Al-Atroshi said he was deeply inspired by Barzani's ‘steadfast commitment to reform and progress’. Al-Atroshi ‘witnessed firsthand the fulfilment of various promises, including the successful implementation of the "Invest Kurdistan" initiative’, which aimed to attract foreign investment and foster economic growth within the region.

Al-Atroshi paid tribute to ‘the substantial benefits’ that the Kurdistan Region's progress brings to UK trade.

‘The "Invest Kurdistan" campaign,’ he said, ‘has not only created a favorable business environment but has also attracted significant foreign direct investment from multinational corporations. This increased trade and economic collaboration between the UK and the Kurdistan Region have proven mutually beneficial, promoting job creation and strengthening bilateral ties.

‘The commitment demonstrated by Prime Minister Masrour Barzani is truly inspiring,’ Al-Atroshi continued. ‘His efforts in attracting investment and promoting stability in the Kurdistan Region have not only transformed the lives of its citizens but have also opened up exciting opportunities for trade and cooperation between the UK and Kurdistan.’

According to Al-Atroshi, ‘The KRG's diligent efforts to streamline bureaucratic processes, improve infrastructure, and provide attractive incentives have paved the way for UK companies to explore and invest in various sectors, including energy, agriculture, tourism, and technology. The stability and peace prevailing in the Kurdistan Region, fostered by the inclusive policies of the KRG, have further bolstered the confidence of UK businesses in engaging with the region.’

In addition to economic advancements, the KRG has prioritised the improvement of public services and infrastructure, with the professed aim of benefitting the lives of the Kurdish people. Investments in healthcare, education, transportation, and utilities have also been made.

As the KRG celebrates the anniversary of its ninth cabinet, Al-Atoshi believes that the accomplishments underscore the commitment of Prime Barzani and his government to deliver on their promises. ‘The inspired initiatives, such as the "Invest Kurdistan" campaign, have not only transformed the Kurdistan Region but have also strengthened trade relations between the UK and the region.’

Looking ahead, the KRG says it wants to sustain its momentum and further its efforts to attract investment, promote economic growth, and enhance the quality of life for its citizens. The view is very much that continued support from international partners, including the UK, will play a pivotal role in realising the shared vision of prosperity and cooperation between the two nations.

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Richard Yarrick-Holmes
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July 11th 2023, 10:10am

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