Calvin Moore: Compassionate Leadership in Care Home Management

Published by Gary Ellis on June 10th 2024, 12:12pm

Calvin Moore, the Managing Director at SELF Care Home. Has always been dedicated to care in some capacity. 

Calvin's early foray into health and social care led Calvin to work with adults with autism, a challenging yet rewarding endeavour. His commitment and skill were quickly recognised, and he became the youngest registered manager in the country.

After running a service for people with autism for about two years, Calvin transitioned to his family’s business, which provided residential services for the elderly. Recognising the need for change, he transformed the service to cater to adults with learning disabilities which marked the beginning of a period of growth and development.

“We opened one service and eventually built three,” he shares. Eight years ago, they constructed a purpose-built service for adults with a forensic history, becoming one of the first services in the UK to be rated outstanding by the National Care Standards, before it transitioned to the Care Quality Commission. Today, Moore continues to lead the way, running a service for adults with learning disabilities that supports 25 individuals.

In the face of adversity and challenges, Calvin’s leadership has always shone through, and the service provided has always managed to maintain its high standards. “We’ve always been rated as either good or outstanding,” he states.

Today, Moore’s company continues to evolve, providing services for adults with learning disabilities. “We opened our first service which was specifically for people with a moderate to severe learning disability,” he explains. The company has since expanded its services to cater to individuals with autism, epilepsy, and a forensic history, working closely with the Ministry of Justice and local NHS teams. As Moore puts it, “The success stories of helping a lot of people’s lives is the most satisfying part of the job.”

Calvin’s care home, despite being located in the North East of England, commissions services nationwide, even as far down as West Sussex. This wide reach is a response to the diverse needs of individuals across the country. “We provide services for a lot of people who perhaps don’t have the services within their area and are looking for out-of-borough placements,” he explains.

Leadership Lessons from Calvin

Calvin also has a wealth of wisdom to share. His experiences have shaped his understanding of what it takes to be a leader, particularly in the challenging environment of care home management.

Moore believes that a leader needs to be “strong-minded” and have a “thick skin”. He emphasises the importance of always being aware of one’s professional level. But perhaps most importantly, he advocates for leading by example. “When you’re in a position of a leader, you may be cleaning the drains one day and then sitting in on a meeting with the Ministry of Justice the next,” he says.

Building relationships is another crucial aspect of Moore’s leadership style. He takes pride in having built a good rapport with everyone he has worked with over the years. This extends beyond his own team to associated teams, local NHS, and local professionals. “We’ve always had very good working relationships,” he shares.

As a family-run business, Moore highlights the importance of accountability. “It’s our responsibility to ensure that the service users have the best possible lives, that staff have a great working environment,” he states. Daily availability allows them to respond quickly to any needs of service users or staff.

When it comes to policy makers, Calvin has some pertinent advice. His insights, drawn from his extensive experience within the sector, highlight the importance of effective communication and understanding the complexities of service provision.

Calvin Moore: A Legacy of Compassionate Leadership

Approaching the end, Calvin reflects on his legacy, with his words resonating the profound impact he has made over his 30-year career, not just in running a successful business, but in touching countless lives.

“I am proud that for 30 years I have been able to help people’s lives,” Moore states, his statement imbued with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. “We have run a business, but we have impacted a lot of people’s lives. That speaks volumes for me.”

Calvin’s vision of his legacy is not rooted in financial success or business acumen, but in the positive impact he has had on individuals. He takes pride in his person-centred approach, always looking at the individual rather than the labels attached to them.

“We’ve always been person-centred,” he explains. “Looking at that individual and finding out what their likes, dislikes, what some of their triggers are to prevent them from living a life in hospital, being able to help them - that’s something I would be proud of as a legacy.”

Moore can undoubtedly look back fondly on his career, knowing that he has made a real difference. His legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire future leaders in the care sector, reminding them of the importance of putting people first. This is a sentiment that encapsulates the essence of his leadership style - a legacy of compassion, empathy, and person-centred care that will continue to shine through in the years to come.

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