Cornwall's Secure Innovation receives new funding to boost local economy and pursue Net Zero goals

Published by Richard Yarrick-Holmes on October 20th 2023, 8:08am

Secure Innovation, a Cornwall-based technology company, has secured a significant £600,000 grant from the UK Government's Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF). The funding aims to support the company's expansion, contribute to the local economy, and advance sustainability initiatives.

With deep roots in Cornwall, Secure Innovation boasts a rich four-decade history of innovation. The grant, matched with a £200,000 investment from the company, will be utilised for infrastructure development and the enhancement of ongoing projects, such as the innovative Remote Planet system. Developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency, Remote Planet is a remote asset management solution that optimises Low Earth Orbit technology, enabling tracking, monitoring, and protection of people, cash, and assets worldwide.

The funding has been allocated through Cornwall Council's Good Growth Programme, which is funded by the UK Government's Shared Prosperity Fund. Cornwall Council, designated as the lead authority, manages a substantial £132 million fund, allocated in line with the Good Growth SPF Investment Plan.

Secure Innovation remains deeply committed to the region, evident in its efforts to expand operations, reinvest in the local community, and drive economic growth. The company currently employs over 100 people in Cornwall, including a team of 30 highly skilled research and design engineers.

The funding will pave the way for the creation of numerous skilled and semi-skilled job opportunities, fostering collaborations with other local businesses, and generating a positive economic impact in the county.

The company will allocate a portion of the funding to achieve Net-Zero emissions by installing solar energy sources and electric vehicle charging facilities for employees and visitors. These green energy solutions will significantly boost production capacity, incorporating an automated stores system and an in-house CNC machining facility.

To further support its dedicated workforce, Secure Innovation plans to construct a modern staff welfare building, complete with a canteen and social space, as well as shower facilities in support of health and well-being initiatives, including the popular cycle-to-work scheme.

Tony Westington, Managing Director at Secure Innovation, expressed gratitude for the support, saying, "We are immensely proud of our Cornish heritage and are dedicated to playing a role in the region's sustainable and responsible growth. This funding allows us to upgrade our facilities and deliver trusted cash and asset protection solutions while strengthening our commitment to the environment and the well-being of our team. We envision a future where Secure Innovation continues to be a beacon of innovation and environmental responsibility in Cornwall."

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Richard Yarrick-Holmes
Associate Editor
October 20th 2023, 8:08am

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