Dave Radley’s Journey to Building a Legacy with DMR Training and Consultancy

Published by Gary Ellis on June 13th 2024, 10:12am

Dave Radley, the owner of DMR Training and Consultancy, has gone from the rugby field to providing training, assessments, and qualifications within the construction industry. No matter the experience, Dave will draw from it and use it to his advantage. As he puts it, “The more you go through yourself, the more you can pass on to other people.”

Radley’s career began on the construction site after leaving school. “I was working on site as a plasterer,” he recalls, “and I did my apprenticeship after leaving school.” But Dave was also a professional rugby player, a dual commitment that required a level of dedication and resilience that would later become the foundation of his business ethos.

“I was playing professional rugby for Halifax, which at the time was in the Super League, and I combined that with an apprenticeship in construction,” he says. “It was tough, and then came the injuries. That teaches you how to deal with adversity and how to keep bouncing back.”

Following his injuries, Dave transitioned from professional sport to a career in construction. He gained qualifications in assessing and teaching, and climbed the ranks to work for the construction awarding body, Construction Industry Training Board. However, Radley’s ambition didn’t stop there. Dave saw an opportunity to improve the training provision in the industry and decided to set up his own consultancy. Thus, DMR Training and Consultancy was born.

Fast forward 12 years, and the company now boasts 27 staff and secures major contracts with the government and devolved authorities. Radley’s leadership style is heavily influenced by his sporting background, and he runs his business in a way that mirrors top sports managers and coaches, taking particular inspiration from the All Blacks, the New Zealand national rugby team, known for their exceptional teamwork and leadership. “One of our key principles, which comes from the All Blacks mantra, is ‘leaders create leaders’,” he explains.

Dave also believes that empathy and trust are the cornerstones of effective leadership. “Above all, you’ve got to know the people you’re working with and you have to care. Pay attention to what makes people tick,” says Radley, emphasising the importance of understanding and caring for each member of his team.

Trust is another key aspect of Dave’s leadership approach. “You’ve got to put trust in people and allow them to grow,” he says. This leadership style has been tested and proven effective in the face of adversity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company transitioned to remote and online delivery, invested in new systems and processes, and found that they operated more effectively as a result. “We didn’t travel as much and productivity enhanced,” Dave states.

Inspired by the Greats

Dave draws inspiration from a diverse range of leaders, both within and outside his field. His role models span the worlds of sport and business, and their influence is evident in his leadership style.

“I mentioned the All Blacks a lot, they developed a culture I greatly admire,” he explains. In particular, he admires Dan Carter, the team’s fly-half, who has written a book and several podcasts on winning and losing.

Despite his reservations as a Manchester City fan, Dave acknowledges the leadership prowess of Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary manager of Manchester United. “It pains me to say it, but Sir Alex is a good model,” Radley admits.

Radley also admires figures like Jamie Peacock and Jamie Jones-Buchanan, who deliver talks on purpose and drive. “I’m always looking to learn from others, I try to soak up as much as I can and constantly learn,” he says.

Outside of sport, Dave’s leadership style is also shaped by his experiences in the construction industry. He credits those who guided him during his apprenticeship days with helping to mould him into the leader he is today. “There are people that I’ve worked with within the industry whose insights I still carry with me,” he shares.

Creating a Legacy

Dave is a man driven by a vision. His mission is not just to provide qualifications, but to create pathways for people to succeed in their careers and lives. “Everything revolves around the legacy, and the purpose is to give more people the opportunity to reach their potential.”

As such, it is clear that Dave’s business is not just about making a profit or providing qualifications, but also making a genuine difference in people’s lives. He is committed to making a positive impact on the community, with efforts including working on a grant application to install floodlights at a local bowling club for elderly people, sponsored sports teams, and volunteering days.

With his ultimate goal being to leave a lasting legacy, Dave wants his business to continue providing pathways for people to succeed. It is also a legacy that is deeply personal. His father played a significant role in people’s lives through sports and business, and Dave sees himself continuing in his footsteps. “This is very much a legacy piece for me. I’m doing what my dad did before me,” he says.

As the conversation draws to a close, Dave aptly rounds off the significance of his lasting impact, “what does legacy mean to me? It means everything. Because we’re just passing through, it’s what we leave behind that matters.” 

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