Friends and Families shortlisted for GSK IMPACT award

Published by Richard Yarrick-Holmes on April 21st 2023, 11:11am

Friends and Families, a charity based in Plymouth, has been shortlisted for a prestigious GSK IMPACT award. The awards, which have been running since 1997, aim to recognise and reward organisations that are making a significant contribution to improving health and wellbeing in their communities.

Each application was carefully reviewed by a panel of representatives from both The King's Fund and GSK. The former is a healthcare charity that aims to improve health and care in England. The latter a global pharmaceutical company that specialises in developing and manufacturing vaccines and medicines.

After three rounds of shortlisting, and over 400 applications, Friends and Families was selected as one of the fifteen organisations to be shortlisted for the award.

In a statement on LinkedIn, the charity said, ‘We congratulate the 10 winners, and are proud of our achievement of being a runner-up in such a strongly contested process.’

Friends and Families was founded twenty years ago with the aim of supporting and empowering families with disabled children in and around Plymouth. The charity offers free and confidential information, advice, emotional support, and advocacy for parents and carers, as well as social and leisure events for the whole family.

In addition to these services, Friends and Families also runs educational workshops for parents and carers to develop knowledge and skills relevant to their child and their impairment or disability.

The shortlisting for the GSK IMPACT award is a testament to the incredible work that Friends and Families does in supporting families with disabled children. The charity's commitment to empowering families and improving their wellbeing has made a real difference in the lives of many in and around Plymouth.

Everyone at the Leaders Council is delighted to have Friends and Families as one of our members and we wish them all the best as they continue to make a positive impact on their community.

Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash

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Richard Yarrick-Holmes
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April 21st 2023, 11:11am

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