Grant Palmer Ltd spreads Christmas cheer with new bus travel advert

Published by Leaders Great Britain on December 14th 2023, 10:10am

Grant Palmer Ltd, the family-owned bus company that has been serving Bedfordshire since 1999, is making a festive splash this holiday season with their heart warming Christmas advert.

In a departure from the usual festive fare, the company has taken matters into their own hands, creating a charming video to promote bus travel across the county.

The advert, featuring the lovable character Ted the bear, centres around the joy of coming home for Christmas. Ted embarks on a heartening journey by catching his local bus to reunite with a dear friend. The touching storyline aims to capture the spirit of the season and emphasise the role of buses in connecting loved ones during the holidays.

The video, produced with support from Central Bedfordshire Council’s bus service improvement plan, has become a delightful addition to the holiday content circulating online.

Thomas Manship, Commercial Manager for Grant Palmer, expressed the company's motivation behind the festive venture, saying, "Following the disappointing Christmas adverts from the mainstream department stores this year, we felt we had to produce our own festive video. With single fares capped at £2 on all of our services, there’s never been a better time to leave the car at home and try the bus."

Grant Palmer's commitment to providing affordable and accessible transportation is evident in their capped single fares, making bus travel an attractive and economical option for residents during the holiday season and beyond.

The Christmas advert featuring Ted the bear can be viewed on YouTube here:

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December 14th 2023, 10:10am

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Grant Palmer Ltd spreads Christmas cheer with new bus travel advert

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