Janis Levy: the importance of expertise and emotions

Published by Janis Levy on June 28th 2023, 3:03pm

In this article, Janis Levy discusses the current state of play in her industry and the importance of expertise and emotions in business.

Hair loss solutions is an area of rare expertise. This provides both a challenge and an opportunity for those who work in the industry.

Our company, Hair Development, has training academies for professionals in the hair industry, enabling them to become certified in the art of Hair Replacement and Hair Extensions, further their careers and be able to keep their clients for life. For instance, 70% of a barber’s clients will lose their hair, and so rather than the clients having to find help elsewhere to regrow or replace their hair loss, HD trains barbers and hair salons. A win-win situation for barber and client. With a captive audience, and the client already in their chair, the professional can retain a sense of ease in that they will never lose their clients.

Another challenge in our industry is the emergence of unscrupulous people trying to emulate what the experts do, but without erudition and dedication. Thankfully, most pretenders have fallen by the wayside, leaving the industry free and clear for us to maintain longevity, pioneering techniques and revolutionary ideas.

Another challenge is the absence of in-person events. Recently, we had word that a major hair exhibition on the cusp of opening had collapsed. We’re fortunate to have a strong online presence, alongside huge respect within the industry, but live shows are quite important for people, either considering non-surgical hair replacement as a career, to enhance the skills they already have, or people looking for answers for themselves.

We have turned these challenges into positives and have used the rarity of absolute expertise as an opportunity to expand. In addition to our London Headquarters, Hair Development have opened a second location in the city of Chelmsford.

We are also exploring and resuming the potential of Hair Development Hubs in Los Angeles and Australia. We have very strong connections forged before Covid, which we are now revisiting, and already have a strong base of clients in the USA, Australia and Europe.

It’s London, our beautiful capital, that surely must be the best base for a British business. And it’s the emotional side of a business, that gives it the edge to make it special, that is rarely discussed.

Shall we get to the inner depths, the heart of the working environment, to focus awhile on the things that make every day better? It is imperative not to overlook the heartbeat of a company.

We are talking about everyday occurrences, which possibly if they were a one-off event, would not go down in history, but which are the bonds that tie the company together.

The human aspect of the workings within a company are a precious state of affairs. It is rare, some might say, to work in a place in which you not only love your career, but your surroundings and your colleagues too. Your umwelt. Your home away from home. Perhaps this is way we tend to make our workspace our own.

Yes, we have businesses that thrive, and hard-working, conscientious, diligent teams, but that doesn’t mean one can’t enjoy oneself in the process.

The clients. The people who HD nurture, who leave Hair Development looking better with confidence restored, both physically and emotionally. When the office is closed for the night, (with 24/7 contact available on the website), and we head home, it is accompanied by a feeling that comes with caring about what you do, the consideration for your staff, your clients, resulting in a domino effect that enhances your industry and your well-being.

That’s why business leaders aren’t just experts in their own industry, they’re experts in emotions too. 

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Janis Levy
Creative Director, Hair Development UK
June 28th 2023, 3:03pm

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