M3 Floodtec sets a new standard in flood resilience

Published by Richard Yarrick-Holmes on September 13th 2023, 3:03pm

In a groundbreaking stride towards enhancing flood resilience and environmental sustainability, M3 Floodtec, a global leader in the field of flood resilience, has announced its achievement of two prestigious certifications: ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.

These certifications underscore M3 Floodtec's commitment to occupational health, safety, and environmental sustainability.

The ISO 45001 certification stands as a testament to M3 Floodtec's unwavering dedication to safeguarding its workforce and fostering a culture of well-being within the organization. It is a recognition of the successful establishment of a robust Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&SMS). The rigorous assessment process for this certification involves a comprehensive evaluation of various aspects, including hazardous situations, operational controls, incident response plans, and continuous improvement initiatives.

This certification signifies M3 Floodtec's determination to create a safe working environment for its employees. It is a testament to their commitment to minimizing risks and ensuring compliance with all relevant legal requirements and industry standards. In an industry where safety is paramount, M3 Floodtec's achievement of this certification sets a higher benchmark, reassuring employees, partners, and clients of their commitment to excellence.

The second new certification, ISO 14001, highlights the company's dedication to environmental conservation and sustainability. This certification recognises the organisation’s efficient management of its environmental impacts through a range of initiatives focused on pollution prevention, resource conservation, and responsible waste management.

The ISO 14001 certification underscores M3 Floodtec's commitment to being a responsible steward of the environment. As the world grapples with the pressing challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, organisations like M3 Floodtec are taking proactive steps to minimise their carbon footprint and make sustainable choices in their operations.

Managing Director, Matt Keight commented “Our investment to these standards support our commitment to the development of our safety and environmental culture whilst providing safe systems of work and enhancing our environmental objectives towards a more sustainable future”

These dual certifications solidify M3 Floodtec's position as a pioneer in flood resilience, safety, and environmental sustainability. They represent a clear commitment to setting and upholding industry standards while providing clients with the highest quality flood resilience solutions.

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Richard Yarrick-Holmes
Associate Editor
September 13th 2023, 3:03pm

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