Mike Barclay appears on On Target podcast

Published by Richard Yarrick-Holmes on August 10th 2023, 4:04pm

Leaders Council member Mike Barclay has given a fascinating interview about how to build and maintain a successful sales team.

Speaking on Alex Alleyne’s On Target podcast, Mike reflects on his seventeen-year tenure at Yell (formerly Yellow Pages) and how he steered the AMEA division at Hootsuite. You can watch the podcast below or listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and elsewhere.

During their discussion, they delve into Mike's unique perspective as the youngest and sole black sales leader during his time at Yellow Pages, shedding light on the emergence of the SaaS era. Mike also unveils the foundational principles that underpin the creation of high-performing sales teams, emphasising the pivotal roles of curiosity, compelling storytelling, and disciplined approaches in the recruitment process.

Listeners will gain valuable insights as Mike shares his wisdom on strategic hiring decisions and unveils the strategies behind effective weekly structuring, managerial motivation, and securing impactful deals. Notably, Alex and Mike engage in a candid dialogue about the dynamics of attrition versus nurturing in the crucial initial three months of a new hire's journey.

On Target is a podcast tailored for SaaS (Software as a Service) sales leaders navigating the competitive landscape of deal-making. It is hosted by Alex Alleyne, an accomplished SaaS Sales Leader and Founder of Elite Level, along with his role as Area Vice President, SMB Sales EMEA at Braze. The podcast offers insights into the minds of sales professionals, focusing on actionable strategies.

Each episode features interviews with senior sales leaders, discussing their approaches within Alex Alleyne's ‘POD Excellence’ framework. The conversations delve into daily operational rhythms, tactics to expand pipelines, enhance operational performance, and improve deal-closing outcomes.

"On Target" aims to provide valuable knowledge for sales veterans looking to refine their strategies and tactics in the SaaS sales domain.

SaaS sales refers to the process of selling Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to businesses or individuals. SaaS is a cloud computing model where software applications are provided over the internet on a subscription basis, rather than being installed and maintained on individual computers or servers. In SaaS sales, companies offer their software products as a service, allowing customers to access and use the software through a web browser without the need for complex installation or infrastructure setup.

You can watch the podcast here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcRVXWBT_1E 

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August 10th 2023, 4:04pm

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