Unlocking the Third Gen Mystery: Scion Mastery Hosts Webinar on "The Great Wealth Transfer "

Published by Leaders of Great Britain on February 6th 2024, 10:10am

Scion Mastery, a renowned academic and professional coaching company, dedicated to shaping future leaders and thinkers, is thrilled to announce an upcoming webinar titled "The Great Wealth Transfer: Your Role in the Third Gen Mystery."  

Set for 2pm on Thursday 8th February, the webinar aims to offer key insights into navigating challenges brought by generational shifts. In a world of fast-paced technological changes, understanding these shifts is crucial. 

Father builds, son sells, grandchild begs. The webinar promises to explore the mysterious "curse of the third generation" and question if it is a real challenge or just a construct? Participants will have the opportunity to discover where they fit in within this framework and learn about the common hurdles for each generation and what triggers the so-called curse. 

"The Great Wealth Transfer" phenomenon underscores the desire among affluent families to transfer their businesses and wealth to the next generation. However, this transition is often fraught with challenges, including the potential erosion of family wealth due to unforeseen circumstances. 

The risk of inheritance tax, unprepared heirs, and increasing divorce rates underscores the crucial need to protect family assets from potential dissolution. 

No one knows who cast the spell, when, or why, but everyone seeks a cure. Escaping the curse isn't about luck or mysterious antidotes. Sometimes, a rotten foundation needs complete reconstruction, but Scion Mastery believes reinvention can save the majority of cases. They assert that it happens by design, starting with a solid foundation. The webinar is not a lecture; it's a conversation and a family workshop. Scion Mastery aims to provide knowledge and solutions applied by the fortunate ones, incorporating actions from British Family Offices and wealth management to preserve and grow family wealth. They share tools in their toolkit for effective education and preparation of the next generation. 

Operating globally, Scion Mastery supports families in Eastern Europe, Europe, the Middle East, North, and South America. Their dedicated team offers expert assistance in navigating the British school and university system, ensuring both parents and students feel confident in addressing their educational and personal development needs. The aim is to help students achieve their full potential academically and personally. 

To register for this event, participants can follow the link provided here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-great-wealth-transfer-uncovering-your-role-in-the-third-gen-mystery-tickets-798349403557 

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